The only way to do it

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Reading Festival - Day 2 [HQ]

Reading Festival - Day 2 [HQ]

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everyone has that “thing” about them that people talk about when you’re not there.


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George Ezra by Dan Wilton for Nylon Magazine
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big island blossom


big island blossom

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George Ezra by Andrea Rossi
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vampire-state-building said: hiiiii! :)


hiiii :D

Trick or treat dancefloor

My Monday gets hard

Possessions pawned

I’ve got a friend with a melody that will kill

Wake up, think thoughts, be of use.

thank you! ^_^

I love what’s come out!

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Kill Your Darlings (2013)
Dir. John Krokidas

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I swear George Ezra’s voice was misplaced at birth and there’s some soul ass looking nigga walking round with a scrawny white boys voice

I’m used to his voice and it seems quite natural now, but when I look back to the day when I heard his songs for the very first time, I realize how relevant this is.

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"I’ve learnt that making everyone happy is a difficult task, but I can try."

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Ah, the Far Side. Gary Larson was my favorite skewed artist growing up.


Ah, the Far Side. Gary Larson was my favorite skewed artist growing up.

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Jake Bugg by Dan Wilton
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Singer George Ezra visits the SiriusXM Studios on August 12, 2014 in New York City (via

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Daniel Radcliffe in Kill Your Darlings

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